Pravalika Penta Family #3037

Pravalika was very happy to receive the rice bag and said, "I am thankful to Rice Love for the kind gesture and I will make sure to make the best use of it. My grandmother is happy to get some support like this and thanks you all for your help." Padma, Pravalika's grandmother, was a strong woman who had seen a lot in her life. She had to raise her daughter, Bhavana after her husband had passed away in a tragic accident when Bhavana was still very young. After Bhavana left to marry, Padma was left with the responsibility of taking care of Pravalika, her only grandchild. Padma had a meager income and was barely able to make ends meet. She often had to sacrifice her needs to make sure Pravalika was taken care of. Pravalika was completing her tenth grade and Padma wanted her to get an education so she could become independent and build a better life for herself. The 25 kilos of fine rice that Pravalika received from Rice Love was a huge help to Padma and Pravalika. It would be enough to provide nutrition to Pravalika for a few months and help Padma to save some money. Pravalika was also very thankful for the support from Rice Love and was determined to finish her studies and make her grandmother proud. She also promised to one day give back to society and help those who are in need, just like how Rice Love had helped her.

Pravalika | Warangal, Telangana

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