Prasad Onapakala Family #3428

In the heart of Oorugonda village, where the sun cast golden hues over the fields, lived the gentle family of Prasad and Sumalatha. Prasad, a dedicated farm laborer, would rise with the dawn, his hands weathered from years of tending to the earth's bounty. His wife, Sumalatha, filled their home with warmth and love, weaving care into every corner as she tended to their humble abode and their beloved child, Eshwara Sai, a curious soul in 6th grade. Together, they embraced each day with quiet determination, finding solace in the simple joys of their tightly-knit family.

When Rice Love graced their village school with a gift of 25 kilograms of rice, it was as if a burden had been lifted from their weary shoulders. For a family whose every penny counted, this gesture of kindness meant more than mere sustenance; it was a lifeline. As they sat around their table, sharing meals made from the precious grains, they felt a sense of security wash over them. The rice, enough to last a month, and can also save $13, held within it the promise of brighter days ahead, easing their worries and filling their hearts with gratitude. In the midst of their modest home, amidst the laughter of their child, they whispered words of thanks to Rice Love, their silent benefactor, whose love and support had touched their lives in ways they could never repay.

- Prasad | Warangal, Telangana

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