Pasupala Family #00126

I am Neelima and this is my family. I have two kids and one of them goes to a near by school. Education is the most important element for me. The reason why I stress so much on it is because, I am a daily wage labor worker. I earn Rs 9000/ $125 per month. Of which Rs 3000/ $50 is an expense for our house. I couldn't secure enough education to work a better job and I don't want to see my daughter the same. I want her to succeed and I will do whatever I can to help her succeed. We have other expenses like school tuition fee, school supplies, grocery shopping and utilities. My hope was to support my daughter in her school supplies and education. With your purchase, my hope turned into reality. Thank you for your purchase and you made this possible. Thank you so much and a big thanks to Rice Love. Rice Love gave us 20 kilos of rice which will feed our family for 1 month. 

- Neelima | Hyderabad

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