Nagaraju Ponnaboina Family #3031

My grandmother, Odemma, was a daily wage laborer and was abandoned by her children. She was taking care of me, Nagaraju, since my childhood. Unfortunately, my family had no bathroom facility in our house, so every morning Odemma had to wake up early and go to the outskirts of the village to use the bathroom. This was a tiring and strenuous task, but Odemma had no choice but to do it. Our family had been planning to save some money so that we could build a bathroom in our house and make life much easier for my grandmother. But, due to our financial condition, we couldn't save enough money for the construction. Odemma was overwhelmed with joy when she heard the news of Rice Love donating 25 kilos of rice to our family. She thanked Rice Love from the bottom of her heart for providing us with such an amazing gift. We can have food for about 40 days. With the money we saved from the rice, we were finally able to start the construction of the bathroom in our house. Now, our family no longer has to worry about our grandmother having to travel to the outskirts of the village every morning to use the bathroom. The gift of rice from Rice Love has changed our lives forever, and for that, our family will always be grateful.

- Nagaraj | Warangal, Telangana

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