Nagaraju Bandari Family #3059

In the serene village of Oorugonda, where the rhythm of life was dictated by the cycle of planting and harvesting, Akshaya embarked on her educational journey in the 5th grade at the village government school. Her parents, Nagaraju and Sumalatha, bore the weight of their existence on their shoulders, laboring tirelessly in the fields where the fate of their livelihood hinged on the unpredictable nature of seasonal crops. Despite the challenges they faced, they held onto hope, driven by the desire to provide a better life for their daughter.

On a day when the sun painted the sky in hues of warmth and promise, Rice Love graced the village school with a gesture of immense kindness. With a heart full of compassion, they bestowed upon the families of students like Akshaya a precious gift: 25 kilograms of rice, enough to sustain them for a month, paving a way to save $13. As Akshaya stood beside her uncle Arun, who had accompanied her to receive the rice, the significance of the moment was not lost on her family. With heartfelt gratitude, they extended their thanks to Rice Love for their generosity, recognizing the profound impact of their contribution towards alleviating the struggles of the poor in their village. Through this act of benevolence, Rice Love provided sustenance and illuminated the path towards a brighter tomorrow for Akshaya and her family.

- Nagaraju | Warangal, Telangana

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