Latha Manda Family #3303

In the humble village of Metpally, Rajender and Latha toiled each day as laborers, their hearts filled with love for their daughter Akshaya. Despite their meager earnings of $3 per day, they found contentment in their simple life and held onto dreams of a bright future for their beloved child. With Akshaya attending school and their aspirations for her to attain knowledge and secure a good job, they worked tirelessly, their hopes encouraged by love and determination.

Then, like a beacon of hope shining in the darkness, Rice Love graced their village school with a generous donation of 20 kilograms of fine rice. This precious gift filled their kitchen with sustenance for a month, easing their worries about putting food on the table. With $13 saved from this act of kindness, Rajender and Latha felt overwhelming gratitude towards Rice Love and its donors. As they shared meals made from the donated rice, they knew that their daughter's dreams were within reach, thanks to the kindness of donors who had brought light and abundance into their lives.

- Latha | Warangal, Telangana

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