Kranthi Kumar Panduga Family #3417

In the heart of Oorugonda village, amidst the peaceful rhythms of rural life, resided the diligent family of Kranthi Kumar and Roopa. With the break of dawn, Kranthi Kumar would set out, his trusty buffalo in pull, to provide the village with wholesome buffalo milk, a labor of love to ensure his family's sustenance. Meanwhile, Roopa, with her lively spirit, braved the bustling market to sell the freshest catch of the day, her laughter ringing out amidst the fish stalls. Despite the long hours and difficult work, their hearts beat in same beat for their beloved children, Lasya and Mani Ruthwik who are in 5th and 3rd grade studying in govt. school, whose education was their beacon of hope in the vast sea of uncertainty.

When Rice Love graced their humble home with the gift of 25 kilograms of rice, it was as if the heavens had smiled upon them. With tears of gratitude and hearts brimming with thankfulness, they embraced the gift, knowing it would sustain them for a month, easing their burden and allowing them to save a precious sum of $13. In that moment, as they bowed their heads in prayer, their love for God and the compassionate souls at Rice Love filled their hearts with warmth, renewing their faith and determination to carve out a brighter future for their cherished family.

- Kranthi Kumar | Warangal, Telangana

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