Kanaka Laxmi Souram Family #3109

I am Souram Kanaka Laxmi, and I'm here to share our family's story. My husband, Ilaiah, and I are aged 50 and 55, respectively. We have a family of five children – three sons and two daughters. Our two elder sons and the older daughter are already married and have settled in different villages. However, our unmarried son, Vamshi, and our unmarried daughter, Anusha, still live with us.

Vamshi is a pillar of support for our family. He works as a laborer to provide for me, my husband, and his sister Anusha. Meanwhile, Anusha is pursuing her graduation and diligently preparing for group 2 exams. Her dream is to become a role model within our village and create a brighter future.

Despite our collective efforts, financial challenges persist. Vamshi's labor work doesn't always cover all our needs. In the midst of these struggles, a generous donation from Rice Love has brought significant relief. This donation, consisting of 25 kilograms of fine rice, not only ensures meals for a month but also helps us save money of $13.

Our entire family is profoundly thankful for the timely and much-needed support from Rice Love. This assistance arrived just when we needed it the most and has eased the burden for a family striving to make ends meet.

Kanaka Laxmi | Warangal, Telangana

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