Harshitha Alvala #2727

Hello, I am Harshitha, studying in 9th class in Government high school. We are 5 in the family including my parents. My Father is working as a daily laborer for our livelihood and he is the only breadwinner at home. However, he still spends most of the money on his drinking rather than helping us in our studies or for home needs. My mother is hospitalized because of varicose veins and has been through surgery in a government hospital nearby. I have 2 siblings, one is in 1st class and the other one is in 4th. To our trouble pandemic is pushing us to deepest sorrow that we are unable to get food daily. I quit studying because I need to take care of my bedridden mother. As it’s always about online classes, I go out to my friend's house to listen to classes at times. Your purchase is a blessing to our family now. I thank every single person who purchased and helping families like us to get food and making us feel we are also no different from others. Thank you Rice Love for your 25 kilos of rice with this our family can eat for the next 30 days and save this minimal amount for my mother's treatment and medicine.

- Harshitha | Warangal, Telangana

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