Welcome To Rice Love!

Hello and welcome to the Rice Love family!

You've either just received your product or it's on the way and you might be wondering what's next?

STEP 1: Start by watching this short video!

Learn what Rice Love is all about watch until the end for the scoop on the trail mix. Fun fact, my parents did this with me when we were growing up so I love sharing it with people! 

STEP 2: Look up your tag number!!

Click here to see the family your bag fed. Our team hand-delivers rice to families in India, making a REAL difference for REAL families.

STEP 3: Send me some photos of you rocking your bag!!! 

I would love to see a photo/video of you unboxing your bag and rocking your bag like the queen you are! Feel free to send to me directly or tag us and we will share. 

STEP 4: You are amazing, thank you for being here!!!!

Here is my contact information, open door policy!


@jordanwenck on IG.